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All yoga classes are held in Southend, at the Leigh-on-sea Community centre in Elm Rd, with Keeley Beech, a qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher .

About Yoga

Yoga means ‘union’ in Sanskrit and is a tradition that links body, mind, breath and spirit. Yoga was first taught in India and is an ideal practice for anyone of any age, ability or belief system.  You don’t have to be flexible and neither do you need to be able to hold advanced poses like standing on your head to practice yoga.

It will improve flexibility and strength and will help the body to become more balanced. No matter what your age or ability you will find yourself becoming more flexible, fit and well through practicing yoga.

Practicing yoga brings your body into a sense of calm while focusing the mind and elevating your spirits.

Yoga isn’t just for women, many sports men and athletes practice yoga because of the benefits it has on the body and mind. Improving performance and decreasing the risk of injury.

A well rounded yoga practice involves flexibility training, core work, strengthening and balance poses. Yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, improve range of motion, open up tight areas that may be affecting your performance and help develop mental focus and concentration.

There are many different styles of yoga many with their roots from Hatha yoga.

Yoga Classes in Southend

Keeley is a Yoga Alliance 200hr Hatha yoga teacher. She is also qualified to teach Ashtanga yoga which is more demanding as well as teaching yoga to children and those with special needs.

Yoga class schedule is as follows:


  • 5pm – 5.45pm Special Needs Yoga Class. Term time only. Cost £6 (Please contact us to check suitability).
  • 7.30pm – 8.30pm Adult Yoga Class. Cost £8

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Call 01702 714968 or contact us for further information on Yoga classes in Southend at the Leigh-on-Sea community centre.

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We are open weekdays and Saturdays, with commuter friendly early morning and evening appointments available on request.

To book an appointment phone 01702 714968 or click here to email