Jenna Fitzgerald

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Jenna Fitzgerald

Jenna trained at St Mary’s University of Sports and Science in Twickenham for her ITEC qualification in Sports Massage Level 3.  

St Mary’s University is well renowned for providing quality teaching and for training students to a high standard. Many well-known sporting academies use St Mary’s as their go-to provider, to seek out top-quality trained therapists. It was for this reason that Jenna chose to study her anatomy and physiology here, alongside learning the practical and theory aspects of Sports Massage and all the benefits it can bring to the human body, as well as an individual’s training programme.
Jenna is passionate about helping people and although she has spent most of her working career in the City, she is embracing her new career pathway as a Sports Massage Practitioner: being hands-on with healing and remedial body work where she gets a great sense of satisfaction, knowing she can make a real difference to an individual’s well being. 
Past experience has seen Jenna providing massage in open clinics at St Mary’s University and supporting London Marathon Havens’ runners, as well as prepping some of her clients competing in races. Alongside this, Jenna supports her family and friends, who funnily enough, always seem to have odd aches and pains that need her attention! 
Jenna is a regular gym go-er herself, but also enjoys yoga, pilates as well as swimming and has completed various races such as the Southend Half Marathon.

Q&A with Jenna Fitzgerald

What are your qualifications?

I have an ITEC Level 3 in Sports Massage and my training was at St Marys University of Sports & Science in Twickenham.

Why do people come to you? 

Generally because they can feel muscle tension, are prepping for an up and coming sports event, or they need to de-stress and relax tight muscles.

Do you have any specialisms?

Sports Massage is my specialism; I would like to continue developing my skills and continue my training to Level 4 Sports Massage where I can learn more about sports injuries and rehabilitation.

What are the typical complaints your treatments can help with?

Daily stresses of life can leave us with muscles that become contracted, causing pain and tightness. 

My treatments will assist with:

  • Releasing muscle tension
  • Realigning muscle fibres
  • Breaking down adhesions (fibrous bands formed between tissues) 
  • Preventing injury
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Relaxation 
  • Lymph drainage 
  • Promotion of healthy supple muscles 
  • Fat loss 
  • Feeling of good wellbeing 
  • Depression 

What complaints can you help with that many people find surprising?

Relaxation! Many people believe Sports Massage is only to be used for those with high levels of activity and gym use, but it isn’t just for people who do sports. It’s for ‘everyone and anyone’ and contributes to a healthy body and mind.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about sports massage?

Did you know that sports massage can actually contribute to healthy brain function? By applying direct pressure to the muscles, it stimulates the different receptors in the brain. Oxytocin levels rise, our heart rate drops and our sense of trust and confidence increases with human touch. Massage is so powerful, it brings positive outcomes to the human body. What is not to love!