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Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn is a Transpersonal Therapist, Trainer, Author, International Speaker, Supervisor, Coach, Mentor, Tantric Practitioner, and Buddhist of 30 plus years embracing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing.

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Jenny helps transform lives, removing blocks and encouraging people to be present and alive in the here and now.  Her style is insightful, intuitive, authentic and challenging. 

She is an authority in her field of integrative psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. She has worked in partnership with her local NHS trust treating patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists.  She also offers leadership to her therapist colleagues helping them grow and embody the changes they wish to see in their clients, clearing their fear, and walking their talk so that they too can become leaders of authenticity.

She has guest lectured in the UK and Internationally on subjects as diverse as 'Buddhism and Psychotherapy', 'Unlocking the Mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', 'Integrating Counselling Skills into Hypnotherapy Practice', 'The Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease, Clearing the Fear of Intimacy, 'How to Raise Self Esteem in Disadvantaged Parents', 'Authenticity in Therapeutic Practice', 'Isolation and Stigma in the Mental Health Service', the 'Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Family Healing, and 'Healing the Masculine and the Feminine' among others.  She has also designed and lead workshops in many of these areas of specialism.

Buddhist philosophy states that we are all one in body and mind. With this understanding at the core of her practice, Jenny has not only healed many conditions of her own, including breast lumps and IBS but has had some profound insights into the conditions of others, namely: 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  
  • Skin conditions
  • Irritable Bowel (IBS)
  • Cancer and 
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

When the body manifests illness there is almost always a psychological root into the heart of the condition.  We are one organism.  It is only modern medicine that has separated each part from the other.  It is in the unification of the whole of the self, mind, body and of course, spirit, that Jenny offers the potential for you to change the underlying causes of your physical disease. 

With an open mind and a willing heart, you can benefit from the integrative psychological sessions she is offering at the Body Matters.

Sessions may include meditation, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, touch, movement and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) . Each session is tailored to you depending on where you are on your healing journey. 

Jenny Works from her home in Great Dunmow and from rooms near Liverpool Street, London.

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Q&A with Jenny Lynn

What are your qualifications?

I am an integrative Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with 3 years formative training. I also hold qualifications in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and am professionally qualified in therapeutic touch. I have been in private practice for 15 years. By experience, I am also a coach, enabling people to choose an exciting and inspiring life.

In addition, I was formerly a qualified teacher in primary, secondary and tertiary education and have carried over those skills into my current work. As a result I have run many professional training workshops for my colleagues, and personal development workshops for general consumption.

I have worked contractually for the NHS and still have good connections with my local medical community. I have lectured, talked and lead workshops on many of my specialities all over the world and have written 2 online books available on my site.

 And one of my qualifications is that I have practiced Buddhism for over 30 years.

Why do people come to you?

People tend to come to me when all other therapies have failed, including hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  These are often people who are:

  • At a crossroads with life, personally or professionally.
  • Wanting to change something big but feel they don't have the inner strength to do so.
  • People who are looking for mind and spirit solutions to body issues.
  • People who are aware of fears that are stopping them being their best.

If we were to break that down into the kinds of 'conditions' that most people think that they are coming to have treated it would be things like: 

  • Anxiety around life-changing experiences.
  • Fears and phobias that are restricting forward motion.
  • Physical disease which is difficult to treat with physical approaches. 

Because I am not bound to particular models of therapy, but instead can integrate a whole number of perspectives into my sessions, I can often get to the core of an issue really fast.

Do you have any specialisms?

I have historically specialised in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome experiencing much success with this condition and have written a training manual available on my website for my colleagues.
I also specialise in male sexual issues integrating touch and tantra in with psychotherapeutic approaches which produce fast resolutions for many people.
Generally I prefer to work with people who are seeking spiritual awakening as part of their solutions to whichever ailment affects them.

What are the typical complaints your profession can help with?

I'm not sure I can answer that adequately because I simply wish I didn't have to call my work 'psychotherapy' or 'hypnotherapy' as what I do is so much more than that. However, if we are talking typically, mostly we are looking at psychological issues from anxiety and depression to fear and phobia, and relationship problems, possibly caused by life circumstances from sexual abuse, emotional and mental abuse, and physical abuse to grief and loss as well as life changes, panic, stress management, anger reduction, and so on. There is a lot that the profession can offer that many people do not realise and especially in the realm of physical disease where most people overlook the role of the unconscious mind in their healing and wellbeing.

What complaints can you help with that many people find surprising?

Often my clients have been surprised, after they've dealt with an issue, that other issues seem to have self healed. One lady in particular had experienced sexual abuse a long time ago, which was limiting her life choices now. As we worked through it, she lost her phobia of spiders. Another more recent client, who presented with resentment and sadness to an absent father, experienced a spontaneous remission of her multiple sclerosis. Another woman, who had no expectation of recovery from fibromyalgia, experienced a cathartic session addressing the loss of her father, and spontaneously healed from FM. Yet another client, who I suggested visit a nutritionist who took her off wheat and dairy, experienced a profound relief to her depression symptoms. One man, who came expecting to be in for the long haul because of his guilt around leaving his business in the hands of others, profoundly realised in one session that he didn't have to experience guilt and the business could run without him. Another woman, who felt life was not quite right, but couldn't say what was wrong, experienced a profound shift, dealing very well with the subsequent loss of her mother. There often seems to be a little gem, an unanticipated take away, from a series of sessions which make this work so worth while.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about psychotherapy?

One surprising fact about my profession is that anyone, anywhere in the UK can call themselves a psychotherapist. It is not a protected title and you do not need qualifications to practice. However, I don't know anyone who is completely unqualified, even though there is a lot of patchy training out there that falls short of delivering well equipped and awakened therapists. My adage is be the change you wish to see. Often many therapists are still trying to right themselves by changing others. It never works out well like this.

However, I would much rather prefer the openness and freedom that this provides as it encourages much creativity and diversity within the talking professions and means that the public have a great deal more choice. In more regimented countries, like in the US, therapy is an arduous, laborious process with therapists as 'experts' and clients as vulnerable patients. Training takes forever, and is uniform and unadventurous. I prefer the equality of status here in the UK so that my patients/clients are treated fairly and equally - not condescended to as if they know no better. 

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