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Judy Hoskins

Judy is a friendly and supportive life coach, with a personalised approach that inspires life-changing results. 

Qualified in hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching techniques, Judy’s empathetic manner and practical methods are proven to help people of all ages and backgrounds to regain the sense of freedom and happiness they were born with. She also has a great track record in helping people lose and manage their weight.  

Judy is a self-confessed ‘fixer’ who loves nothing more than witnessing positive transformation in others.  She most enjoys working with people who constantly tell themselves, “I’ll be happy when…”, or who try to make themselves feel better with the next new ‘thing’, not understanding that happiness can only truly be installed from the inside out.

Judy’s philosophy is that everybody has the potential to feel free and be okay, regardless of their circumstances or what’s going on around them.  Combined with her qualifications, experience and specific knowledge, Judy’s insightful ability to listen and ask the right questions helps her clients get to the root of their issues, often with life-changing results.

The techniques Judy uses are proven to work quickly; very often, one simple session will be all that is needed.  You don’t have to suffer in silence.

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Q&A with Judy Hoskins

What are your qualifications?

  • T.A. 101 (Transactional Analysis) – Adrienne Lee
  • Hypnotherapy from the Inside Out – Ali Campbell Training
  • NLP from the Inside Out – Ali Campbell Training
  • Life Coaching, Life Changing – Ali Campbell Training
  • Diploma in Coaching – UK Coaching Partnership
  • Certificate in Corporate & Executive Coaching – UK Coaching Partnership
  • Understanding Your Eating – Professor Julia Buckroyd
  • BTEC – Operating a Weight Management Consultancy - Edexcel

Why do people come to you?

They want fast results with minimal effort.  They want to be happy and can’t work out why they’re not. They are ready and looking for change but are not sure what exactly needs changing and wonder how they got to where they find themselves. They trust me to be able to guide and help them to identify what’s holding them back.  They want to transform their world and, with it, their life.

Do you have any specialisms?

Working from the inside out.  Many years helping people manage their weight.

What are the typical complaints your treatments can help with?

Stress, anxiety, phobias, fears and nerves, smoking cessation, self-esteem.

What complaints can you help with that many people find surprising?

Mysterious lack of happiness!

Can you tell us a surprising fact about your therapy?

My hypnotherapy sessions can be ‘content free’, in other words I don’t need to know what’s wrong.  Many long-standing problems only take one session to fix.

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