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Samantha Fonseca

Starting as a qualified Operating Department Practitioner, Samantha has worked for eight years assisting anaesthetists in hospital operating theatres. While in this role, Samantha’s personal health and wellbeing became a key interest and focus for her.

Having seen and experienced first hand the pressures and strains that health workers are under, she began noticing trends in her own, and her colleagues, wellbeing which led her to discover the importance of sleep. 

The more she learned and enquired among her colleagues, the more she understood the impact poor sleep is having on these vital front line workers, and the benefits that they could realise from better sleep. Samantha then made it her mission to help improve the awareness and quality of people’s sleep, wherever they are and whatever their vocation. Everyone can benefit from a better night’s sleep! 

She then enrolled in all the accredited courses available to learn about the subject of sleep, its science, history, importance and how to help other people find what works for them.

Within this course, she learnt about the wonders and magic of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI).

Taught by professors of sleep from the UK and USA, Samantha learned about the growing science around sleep and has developed techniques and routines to help people identify their challenges, their triggers, and to be better understand their relationship with their sleep habits. 

We all sleep, but why and how are still a mystery. What is certain is that a healthy sleep pattern can drastically improve our mental and physical health, as well as ensure we perform at our peak. When people feel and perform at their best, their own assessment of their life and circumstance improve drastically. 

Having seen the results on her colleagues and clients, Samantha is even more impassioned to share how well CBTI works for people who suffer from all types of insomnia, and how it also aligns with her values of treating the cause, instead of masking the symptoms with medication.

Samantha has been developing and solving people’s sleep challenges for two years and is determined to help as many people as possible regain control of their sleep and feel healthier and happier than ever before!

Q&A with Samantha Fonseca

What are your qualifications?

I have attended courses hosted by ‘Sleep Consultancy Ltd', and taught by Jason Ellis (Practitioner Psychologist); Donn Posner (Clinical Research Psychologist); and Michael Perlis (Associate Professor).

Why do people come to me?

People looking for a natural, sustainable solution for better sleep. Typically they have been suffering from insomnia as a result of anxiety, stress, depression or trauma, including over the counter medications, herbal remedies, and want to find a solution that they can apply themselves that works. CBTI is a natural option, and once you understand your relationship with sleep and your habits, is a skill you can continue to apply for yourself long after the sessions finish.

Do you have any specialisms?

I focus purely on Insomnia, however, as a result of regaining better sleep, anxiety, depression and stress are often alleviated too. Skills learnt in this course can be applied to other life testing situations.

What are the typical complaints your treatment can help with?

Sleeping complaints range from difficulty falling asleep; maintaining sleep throughout the night, and early morning awakenings. Even infrequent difficulty sleeping is considered ‘Insomnia’, and can still have an effect on the sufferer.

What complaints can you help with that people find surprising?

Although this treatment is centred around nighttime associations, some of the techniques can be used to help with daytime anxiety and stress. 

Can you tell us a surprising fact about sleep coaching?

You will learn how to have control over your sleep for life. In just 6 weeks of 6 x1hr sessions, you will see significant improvements in sleep which will continue to get better in the weeks that follow. If insomnia returns as a result of a stressful life event, there would be no need to enrol in CBTI again as you can use the same techniques you have learnt already.

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