Shannon Mulshaw

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Shannon Mulshaw

Shannon is currently supporting Louise on the administrative side of the business. Her professional training is rooted in Ayurveda and she hopes that the future may open up the possibility of providing some Ayurvedic therapies at The Body Matters. 

Shannon’s parents, who were horticulturalists, provided her with a basic interest in herbs and alternative medicines. From this, a curiosity in alternative therapies developed which then transformed into various spiritual practices culminating in her taking refuge under the Hanmi Buddhist Lineage in 2011, which is where she met Louise. She is an absolute advocate for meditation. Since taking refuge Shannon has felt that the Buddhist practices have bestowed upon her a solid spiritual foundation enabling her to explore the depths within “Looking deeply beyond the surface of the mind and what we think we see in front of us is revolutionary for the soul. Meditation is such a powerful and transformative tool, it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself”.

Shannon has worked as an Ayurvedic Technician intermittently for the last 16 years both in the UK and overseas and has also (amongst many other things) trained as a primary school teacher, worked and lived on a biodynamic farm and supported people with mild to severe anxiety and depression through the charity Mid & North Essex Mind.

As well as working with The Body Matters, she also provides weekly telephone support for an ex-colleague who has severe hearing loss. The majority of her time however is devoted to caring for her elderly father.