Tracy Swindell

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Tracy Swindell

Tracy is a Personal Trainer and Biomechanics coach that specialises in helping people get fit and lose weight, particularly those who are struggling due to injury.

Tracy originally worked in London as a Computer Programmer.  She was drawn to the fitness industry and in particular rehabilitation (rehab) after spending a number of years as a competitive runner.  Tracy is a Former GB International for ½ and full marathons.

Tracy qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2010. Since qualifying she has worked both self employed and for Virgin Active.  In 2016 she set up One Body Coach, although still Freelances at Virgin teaching Pilates and Yoga.

Tracy offers 1 2 1 Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, and can offer dietary advice for those trying to lose weight.

Q & A with Tracy Swindell

What are your qualifications?

I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga Teacher (all Level 3). Biomechanics Coach Diploma including Lower back pain. I also teach Trigger Point Pilates which can help with Myofascial Release. I am constantly updating my skills, and use whatever skill I think is most appropriate for my clients, after discussing with them first to identify goal and reason for visit.

Why Do People Come to You?

To lose weight and get fit.  Some just want to be able move better. Moving better can help improve your sporting performance or it in some cases it means moving without pain.

Do you have any specialisms?

I specialise in rehab.  I’m really good at finding solutions, and if I don’t have the necessary skills myself, I have a good network of people that I refer to.

What are the typical complaints that you can help with?

Weight lose, getting fit. Working around/with injuries.  Lower back niggles.  Improving ability to move better, this often results in reduced pain.

What are the complaints that you can help with that people find surprising?

Often people are really surprised at how I can help them improve their flexibility.   I often get told by clients ‘I’ve always been stiff even when I was a child I couldn’t touch my toes’.  Even my older clients have had marked improvements.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about the human body?

Ah, that’s a hard one… there are so many.  Did you know that the pelvis and the shoulder are connected, and that sometimes if we do an anti spasm on the shoulder things get better at the pelvis?