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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

We are born with good posture, you only have to look at a baby to see this in action. They only use the degree of tension that is necessary for the task. Hold a babies hand for an example of a ‘non-doing’ hand.

All animals have perfect posture and alignment and they only use the appropriate degree of muscle tension necessary for the task in hand. If you have a pet look at how it moves for an example of this wonderful sense of freedom and release.

However, we live in a ‘doing’ society with a need to get things right whether this be through work or sport or just general day to day living. This ‘doing’ and constant need to get things right takes its toll on our wellbeing. As adults we are slaves to our laptops, phones and computers and we find ourselves being drawn into the screens and our necks and backs may begin to ache and our wellbeing becomes compromised. As the pace of life becomes more hectic, we unwittingly react to this by developing holding patterns and habits that have a detrimental effect on our wellbeing. We can’t quite put our finger on the reason we don’t feel our best and often put this down to growing older, when in fact it is because of our habit of misuse.

Alexander Technique deals with how use affects function. In other words, how we move, stand, sit, walk, work and play will affect how we feel in terms of balance, alignment, and structure. It teaches you how to recognise where you are going wrong (your habit) and how to ‘stop’ and release the tension that habit has had on your body. Improving the use of your body leads to regaining good posture, balance, and alignment and with the tools learnt in at AT lesson this ‘good use’ can be applied to everyday life. A balanced body is a free body. With gentle, hands-on and verbal guidance from the teacher, good posture, balance, and alignment are regained. There is freedom in movement as the release of unnecessary tension takes place, breathing becomes easier. The musculoskeletal, digestive and circulatory systems work better.

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