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Nutritional Therapy

We offer nutritional therapy in Southend for wide range of clients at The Body Matters. Nutritional therapy is available from our clinic based in Leigh-on-Sea.

About Nutritional Therapy 

Optimum nutrition is an essential requirement for health as every process in the body depends on nutrients, which are obtained from our diets. Nutritional therapists recognise that we each have unique nutritional requirements depending upon a number of factors, from inherited strengths and weaknesses to the influence of our diet, lifestyle, and environment. 

People often just think of nutrition in terms of energy – calories - supplied by food. If that was all, where those calories came from exactly would not matter so much. However, every single process in our body depends on nutrients we can only obtain from food. Without protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and the abundance of plant nutrients available from food, we cannot thrive in the long term, and end up tired, exhausted, and sick. So, getting your nutrition right does matter. Whether you suffer from a diagnosed chronic condition, feel tired all the time, are recovering from injury or surgery, experience PMS, are trying for a baby or approaching menopause:  You may want to try nutritional therapy. This complementary therapy uses not just food and supplements, but also lifestyle adjustment to return your body to a state of health. 

Nutritional Therapy Sessions at The Body Matters 

You will be involved in your programmes from the start and the dietary recommendations will be tailored to suit your lifestyle and at a pace that you feel comfortable with. To help you to make changes to your diet you will be provided with practical information such as meal suggestions, recipes, ideas for using and cooking with different foods and shopping tips. 

Before booking an appointment, we would send you a nutritional therapy questionnaire (NTQ), with questions about your health, medical history, medication or supplements you might be taking, symptoms, stress exposure, digestion etc. It also asks for a three-day food diary and a health timeline. Once we have received the completed paperwork back, we are ready to see you in clinic.

The initial consultation takes 60 - 90 minutes, during which we will discuss your reasons to see a nutritional therapist and the outcome you are hoping to achieve. Your nutritionist will take a thorough medical history and may ask further questions before recommending a possible course of action. Your diet and lifestyle programme will be discussed and agreed upon, and then tailored to your own individual needs. Functional tests and/or supplements may be recommended. Please note that tests and supplements are not part of the consultation fee and will be charged at an extra cost.   

Follow-up consultations are 30 to 45 minutes long. We will discuss your progress so far, then agree on the next steps. We recommend a course of nutritional therapy of at least three sessions.

Nutrition & Diet Analysis 

Tanita Body Composition Analysis

Seen on BBC1’s “Doctor in the House”

The body is composed of three major elements: water, lean body mass (ie muscle, organs, bones) and body fat (or adipose tissue). The proportion of lean body mass and fat matters more for health than overall body weight. Knowing your body composition helps create the right plan of action for you. Follow-ups will show whether you are on the right track.  

Diet MOT 

Would you like to improve your diet, but don’t know where to start? Have you recently gone vegetarian or vegan and aren’t sure whether you are getting everything you need? Would you like to discuss your diet with a nutritional therapist to make sure that it provides the energy and nutrients your body needs? Then the Diet MOT is for you. It is available with or without Nutritics Food Diary Analysis. 

Nutritics Food Diary Analysis 

Would you like to know how many calories you consume on an average day? Are you keen to know whether you are getting all the nutrients you need from your diet? Or do you sometimes wonder whether your diet may be providing too much sodium or saturated fats? Nutritics Analysis, carried out using professional diet analysis software, will answer those questions for you. Bear in mind: The more accurate the food diary you provide (including brand names, portion sizes etc.), the more accurate the analysis is going to be.  Nutritics Food Diary Analysis is only available as part of a Diet MOT.

Also available at The Body Matters and sometimes used in conjunction with Nutritional Therapy are Health & Nutrition Coaching and/or Functional Tests. The cost of the tests is not included in the Nutritional Therapy consultation fee. 

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