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Our nutritional therapist, Melanie Ryan, leads zest4life weight loss programmes in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend. The programme consists of part nutrition education; part motivational coaching designed to help participants implement long term, sustainable changes.

Weight Loss

Diets don’t work. Some focus on one particular food, such as cabbage soup, eggs, pineapples, others are based on artificial diet shakes rather than real food. Most are very low in fat, because fat has more than twice the calories of protein or carbohydrate. Yet, we now know that the ‘calorie equation’ (calories out < calories in) is not even that helpful, when it comes to weight loss. Most diets fail in the end, because they are not sustainable: too boring, too expensive, tasteless, not filling.

These are just some of the common reasons we are finding it difficult to stick to a diet, even if perhaps we did lose weight on it. However, as soon as we go back to the way we used to it, the pounds all pile back on again, and sometimes even more than we carried before. 

What those diets do succeed in doing though is cementing the belief that we just cannot do it:

We are weak willed, greedy, genetically programmed to overeat, doomed to be overweight… Any one or all of the above! But that’s not true!

Most diets are forcing us to fight our body chemistry, a fight we are bound to lose eventually. Once we understand how the body works, we can get on top of cravings and finally let go of those extra pounds. 

Apart from understanding how what and when we eat affects the way we feel, we are often held back by psychological barriers – not least created by former ‘diet’ experiences: What messages were taught to you along the way about food and eating? Are you an emotional or comfort eater? You can learn how to make new, more appropriate decisions and free yourself from emotional eating for good.

zest4life Weight Loss Programmes

Our nutritional therapist, Melanie Ryan, is a zest4life Practitioner. She runs zest4life Health & Weight Loss Group Programmes at a venue near us in Leigh-on-Sea and offers one-to-one zest4life Programmes at The Body Matters. On a zest4life Programme, you will benefit from her professional advice and motivational coaching. Because zest4life Programmes are run by, or with the support of nutritional therapists, you can get the right support and that other health issues you many have can also be addressed (these may be part of the reason why weight loss has been difficult for you so far). This is why clients report such significant health improvements as well as weight loss results when attending a zest4life Programme.

Most conventional diets are difficult to sustain over the long term, yet only permanent diet and lifestyle changes will lead to long-term results.

In small groups, over 10 weeks, participants on a zest4life weight loss programme will learn about healthy eating and how to achieve the best health outcomes, energy and weight loss, step by step.

On the weight loss programme, you will also learn about nutrition and health to help you make the right choices. Losing excess weight can protect you from serious chronic disease in the future. Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are lifestyle related illnesses, and even cancer has been linked to overweight and obesity. Being lighter will improve your general fitness and stamina, reduce snoring and sleep apnea, and reduce pain in your weight bearing joints. It will boost fertility in both men and women and improve recovery from surgery.

No food group is excluded, and there are no meal replacements involved. 

You will get:

  • Weekly meetings with a fun and inspiring group.
  • Step-by-step guidance on the low GL way of eating, including meal plans and recipes.
  • Health and nutrition topics to empower and inspire you.
  • Course material.
  • Weekly monitoring of body composition fat mass / muscle mass. 
  • Food diary review and personalised dietary recommendations.
  • Motivational group coaching.
  • Motivational emails.
  • Continued support and guidance from a qualified nutritional therapist.

zest4life weight loss programmes are held at a venue in Leigh-on-Sea, easy to reach from central Southend by car and public transport, with parking nearby.

Melanie runs scheduled group programmes throughout the year. There is also the option for you to start your own group: If you want to lose weight for good and you know that some of your friends and family feel the same, Melanie will come to you and run a programme at your house. As an added bonus, the programme can be tailored to the exact requirements you and your friends might have.

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Even modest weight loss has significant and immediate effects, so give Melanie a call on 01702 714968 to see what she can do for you.


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