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Louise Reader

Louise brought a long-held dream to life when she opened The Body Matters in 2008.  That dream was to create a friendly and informal centre of trained, screened and specialised therapists – providing the perfect balance of mind, body and soul. 

Louise hasn’t always been a massage therapist. In a former life, she trained and worked in IT, until an emotionally challenging year led her to seek clinical hypnotherapy. During her treatment, Louise began to discover her own passion for wellbeing, and in 2003 she qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist but felt that she still wasn’t fulfilling her potential. 

As an accomplished runner who has previously completed six marathons, Louise developed a strong interest in achieving a blissful balance between body and mind during her hypnotherapy training. She obtained additional qualifications as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer, before gaining essential experience at an established Essex clinic. 

As well as owning The Body Matters, Louise works with a London based company to help with the wellbeing of their staff and clients.  
Louise had always been interested in meditation but didn’t know where to start. Meditation has been an important and integral part of her life since 2008: she even went to China for 3 months to live and study in a Monastery! Louise’s continued commitment to her own personal growth has led to an exploration into many different styles of meditation, teaching methods and insights into physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
Through this, she has come to understand her own nature at a deep level, which enables her to work with clients at a level rivalled by few. With her methods embracing such a broad spectrum she can sometimes find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what she does, although the following labels have been mentioned by clients and peers: “Counsellor”, “Wellbeing Therapist”, “Personal Development Coach” and “Mentor” to name a few.
Louise can help clear conscious and unconscious barriers, limiting beliefs and teach useful tools, techniques and strategies to deal with stressful or uncomfortable situations at home and at work.  
Louise has a natural way of adapting her methods to each and every client and because of her depth of experience and unique blend of skills, clients are able to gain greater clarity and awareness into themselves and their own lives and so enabling them to understand their own journeys and processes.

Q&A with Louise Reader

What are your qualifications? 

I am a Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I can also teach meditation. Although these titles really do not it justice for how I actually work. I have quite a diverse skill set, mainly because of my wide range of interests and hobbies, which have led me to some really interesting workshops and courses. Some might say that some of the things I have done are spiritual, but for me it has been about self-awareness, understanding myself at a deep level which in turn leads me to understand my clients, which can only lead to me being able to give the client the best treatment possible.

Why do people come to you?

I generally get a high number of recommendations from my existing clients. The range of reasons why can vary enormously from physical pain like a headache, migraines, calf pain etc., to emotional issues or problems.

Do you have any specialisms?

No. Although I absolutely love the challenge of figuring out how I will work with each client. No two clients are the same, and therefore they receive a different treatment. I enjoy the challenge and the variety. I also have the benefit of working within a great team. 

What are the typical complaints your treatments can help with?

I mainly start with working on muscular aches and pains.  With some clients, that’s all they want, and that’s ok.  But with others, I can end up working on emotional issues.

What complaints can you help with that many people find surprising?

Sometimes clients come in and it is just a massage that they want, but others find that the areas that I treat are linked to emotional issues that they have had for years.  This type of treatment can really help the client to resolve the issue, using the link between the Mind and the Body.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about sports massage?

That’s a tough one, I meet and work with clients from all walks of life, different jobs, careers, hobbies …. nothing surprises me anymore.

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