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Jenny Lynn is a mind body therapist and is personally endorsed by the owner of The Body Matters. She is available for psychotherapy consultations from her home in Great Dunmow in Essex, her consulting rooms in London, or via Skype or telephone call.

About Psychotherapy

Many hands on therapists, from Bowen to Nutritionists, from Massage to Reflexologists know that sometimes, whatever they do, their patients simply cannot 'let go' of the condition. This doesn't mean the person wants to be ill. Far from it. Nor that the therapist isn't doing their job properly. But what it does mean is that the roots of the condition lie not in the physical, but in the deeply unconscious psychological.

One of the main objectives for psychotherapists is to help you better understand the issues that are troubling you.

Emotional & Spiritual Blocks

If we understand that we are a whole organism, with every part affecting the other, then we can approach healing more holistically, considering not just our physical, but our unconscious emotional or spiritual blocks to getting well.

Those blocks are as many and varied as there are individuals on the planet. So in order to see into the life of an individual requires the therapist to be present, to be intuitive and to be hearing what the patient cannot see or hear about themselves.

Sometimes it requires sensitivity and patience and other times it requires more challenging approaches. That depends on you, the patient. One thing's for sure, no two sessions are the same and no one technique is right for everyone.

What to expect in a Psychotherapy session

Psychotherapy can help you discuss feelings you have about yourself and other people. You will be listened to, very carefully. Most people report that they feel heard for the first time. Within the first session you should feel like you are lighter and brighter because someone, at last, understands what you are feeling.

Mind Body Therapy

The therapist uses whatever it takes in the initial session to learn about how you see the world. Often people experience a shift in the first meeting.

In subsequent sessions, you will be ready to explore whatever it takes, to help you heal from physical, emotional, and mental blocks to your wellbeing. And you will be given homework to do to embed the new perspectives that are awakening in you.

Using a mix of psychological, meditative, touch and movement therapies, you can feel stronger, surer and more hopeful about your life.  With healing visualisations, that you yourself create with guidance, you can develop your independence and learn how to take charge of your inner world.

What kinds of issues can be treated with psychotherapy?

As we are whole beings - not just psychological or physical entities - and we understand that the mind and body affect each other, then many kinds of conditions can be treated.

Let me give you a few case studies:

Client A: Has Emphyzema or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

He is experiencing panic and anxiety and needs help to calm down. What happens to the lungs when we experience panic? They tend to breathe faster and we gasp for breath more. When we have a lung condition, then the natural affect of that psychologically is to create panic. The action of the body invites the emotional correspondent. Meditation, calming visualisations and faith in his ability to take charge of his inner world, gives the lungs a rest, means he experiences less panic, his lungs get a chance to do their job better without the interference from persistent psychological fear.

Client B: Has IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome)

She is experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear of other people's behaviours. She wants to get it right all of the time. Physiologically, the organism under pressure turns off the digestive process because it doesn't need to be dealing with that too, when it is under threat.  Often, the body simply gets rid of the contents of the stomach quickly. However, in constant spasm, the digestive tract cannot expel its contents efficiently and stores waste. This leads to bloating and pain. Reducing the internal perception of red alert, can calm the digestive tract and restore internal balance.

Client C: Has Cancer of the Liver

He experiences depression and anxiety. His manner of expression is very controlled. He does not want to face his fears. Cancer is a blockage in the flow of energy in the body. It is very self punishing and judgemental. It creates fear.  From a mind body perspective, it is the fear that does more harm than the cancer. Naturally the body is designed to mop up cancer cells which are spontaneously created in the body all of the time and immediately mopped up by a healthy immune system.  The immune system stops flowing when we experience an energy blockage. To get our immune system working again requires release, forgiveness and often a softening of the inner world.  My client is still with us after 10 years.

Client D: Has MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

She has come because she feels angry and resentful about life. Something about her life isn't fair. She does not want to step forward and make it easier for anyone else. They owe her, not the other way round. The energy blockage is with her legs and her ability to move forward in life. As we work to create forgiveness and release, her legs regain their strength. She is as surprised as I am as the benefits of the psychological work have far reaching impact.

Client E: Has CFS/ME: (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalopathy)

She has come because of her anxiety. She is vulnerable and feels weak, like a child. She is worried about other people's judgements of her. She does not deal with confrontation at all well. She wants the world to just be nice. So much mental and emotional fear and tension has created exhaustion in the body. A heightened level of stress hormones throughout her life have eventually depleted her adrenal function. She is left low on cortisol levels and is unable to replenish them. Her body is in adrenal exhaustion and her unconscious emotional state is unable to relax and take the pressure off her body. Learning to bring her locus of evaluation away from others and back into her own psyche helps her regain strength and rest her adrenal glands so they can start working efficiently again.

What We Can Learn 

Our illness has often taught us something about ourselves. It was a message from the body that we were not living as one.


Healing from anything is a huge journey. Sometimes the mind and the body are unmarriageable right now. That doesn't mean you have failed.  Everyone is on a journey and even one step in the right direction will improve your experience of your life.

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