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We offer pilates in Southend at The Body Matters. 1-1 Pilates on the mat as well as on the Pilates apparatus on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Body Matters and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Central London. Mat Pilates classes are also available in Leigh on Sea.

About Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning and movement practice, which improves core stability, efficient movement quality and healthy posture.

We all know that Pilates is supposed to be good for our body. It has helped many people get rid of their back or shoulder pain. It has kept many fit and able to go about their daily activities into old age, and it has helped many athletes deliver winning performances. Yet classes can be so vastly different from one another, that it is sometimes hard to understand how Pilates can help us, and which class is right for us. Further more there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about core strength, which can make Pilates practice confusing.

There are many benefits of the Pilates method for the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries. Pilates provides you with a method of exercise that focuses on correct movement, core stabilization and postural correction. It improves mobility and flexibility.

Pilates suits everybody despite age and fitness levels. It is beneficial for those with back pain, poor postures, sports injuries, arthritis, stress-related illness and before and after pregnancy. 

Pilates at The Body Matters

Kristin is certified in two Pilates methods: mat work with Michael King and Comprehensive Pilates apparatus with Polestar Pilates UK. She is also a qualified Massage Therapist, Biomechanics Coach and NLP Practitioner. Beside her work with her clients she teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Intelligent Fitness Ltd. Favouring the Polestar Pilates method, she is currently undergoing mentor training at Polestar Pilates UK in London to become part of their education team.

For Kristin movement awareness and quality is the basis for all physical activity related goals, including fitness, sporting performance, injury prevention, rehab and self exploration. Therefore awareness and quality are fundamental in the way she teaches Pilates. While core stability is an important aspect of healthy movement, Kristin sees the body as an integrated system. All its parts and structures need to work in balance in order to give us uncompromised movement ability. Not just muscles, also bones, nerves and fascia play an important role in healthy powerful movement. Using all our resources to move smarter rather than harder, and reconnecting with our natural ability to move, can give us the magical experience of mastering challenging movements with ease and without pain. That is what Pilates is all about. 

1-1 Pilates

1-1 sessions with Kristin are a great way to start your Pilates journey or to focus on a particular goal, such as rehabilitating an injury, improving sporting performance, or taking back control over your body after a debilitating period in your life. 1-1 sessions will not only be tailored to your needs and goals, they also ensure that you are working at your own pace and in constant dialog with Kristin, who will support you all the way.

Pilates Classes

Kristin's group classes are kept small with a maximum of 8 participants. This is to provide enough individual support to ensure the safety and quality of movement. The comfortable group size also allows for a healthy dose of laughs, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar problems or goals.

Beginner classes are available as 6-week courses only, to give you the opportunity to get a solid base for your practice. These 6-week courses come with weekly online video support and discounts on 1-1 sessions and massage treatments.

Kristin's mission is to empower you to gain control and confidence back over your own body, no matter what level you are at, and for you to enjoy the process. 

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