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Osteopathy"Having taken the challenge of running the London Marathon I began to suffer a few injuries and was recommended to make an appointment with Matthew. Matthew understood the training program I was following with little explanation and pin pointed specific regions of my body where I was in pain treating them with a mixture massage, stretching and acupuncture. A program of stretches/exercises were given to me to prevent further injury. Matthew was always very professional, knowledgeable and also genuinely interested in my wellbeing. Without his treatments and advice I doubt that I would have made it to the start line of the race let alone complete the course"


Sports Massage"I was managing a painful tennis elbow complaint which increasingly restricted my work. I sought the advice of Louise at The Body Matters when my arm was at it's most painful and swollen. Louise listened attentively to my explanations and explored in more detail, the nature of my work, posture etc to build a clear picture before advising deep massage. Admittedly, this was painful initially but I had complete confidence in Louise's professionalism and determination to improve my condition. The swelling & inflammation subsided within just one treatment and did not return. Louise also outlined how to exercise and stretch to improve it and prevent further inflammation. My second visit made this previously painful condition so much more manageable. I wouldn't hesitate to seek Louise's advice and treatment for any condition which could improve so dramatically without the need for medication"

Fiona, Leigh On Sea

Yoga for the mind"Louise was recommended to me by a colleague when I shared that I was looking to find my feet again, at work but more importantly, as part of my mental health “fitness”.
I didn’t know what to expect from Louise’s sessions but by session 2 I knew I had found my ideal therapist. Some would describe her work as coaching. I choose to describe her as a therapist because she allowed me to explore so much more of my inner being. She listened, prompted and challenged me. The more open I was, the more she helped me see what else I had in me. It’s like yoga for the mind. As we built trust, I felt I could keep pushing a little further each time.
Louise taught me many techniques to help my body, mind and, more fundamentally, she helped me discover a deeper, complex and colourful part of me I had buried long ago in lieu of conforming with how I thought the world wanted me to be.
I am mentally stronger than ever, more aware and respectful of my own needs and priorities, and no doubt so much happier now that I feel I am my whole self. I credit this to our work together. She helped me see how that edited life was impacting me and I leaned on her support to keep exploring the inner world of my mind and persona.
It has been amazing to “meet” and get to know myself at this level. This was only possible because Louise is an open minded, caring guiding partner. I felt she was there for me and I really appreciated her no nonsense which allowed for some amazing sessions together.
I would recommend Louise to anyone who feels ready to explore their whole self, their lights and shadows within, be challenged to see things and connect with the world in a different way, with less anxiety and gaining strength from each step you take forward.
But remember, yoga for the mind takes just as much time and effort as yoga for the body. And, with everything in life, you get what you give. I know Louise will no doubt have your back through the process if you take the first step."

PL London

Coaching/Mentoring"We really care about the people who work with us – both staff and clients. Sometimes life and work is not easy and we wanted to find a way of ensuring that at the most difficult times we could support people in the best way we could. Finding The Body Matters was brilliant - the staff love it and were amazed and grateful that we had genuinely thought about their wellbeing. It sent the right messages and more importantly the work that The Body Matters does has helped each and every individual that wanted to get involved. It’s been easy to manage and Louise has been fantastic.’"

Company Testimonial

Sports Massage"As a working actor and performer, I regularly have Sports Massages and other massage therapies to treat aches and injuries to keep my body at peak condition. Louise at The Body Matters was able to skillfully identify and treat my injury, and teach me exercises and techniques to help prevent reoccurance. Louise is friendly, reassuring and professional, and I definitely recommend her treatments."

Jonathan Andrew Hume, "Simba" in the West End musical, Disney's 'The Lion King'

Hypnotherapy"You were incredibly helpful because you allowed me to work things out for myself by making me feel relaxed and able to speak about things that I probably wouldn’t have spoken to friends of family about. I would recommend you because of your very kind, professional and friendly service; the way you listen and talk things through and how you understand what it is that someone is looking to achieve is fantastic. You most definitely helped me to become the person I have wanted to be for a long time. I am much more relaxed and made changes in my life to ensure that this carried on. You also helped me to build my confidence and as you know, I am now with the girl of my dreams."

John, Billericay

Massage"Louise thank you for looking after me. It was one of the best massages I've ever had. Magic hands and lovely to meet you."

Natalie Lowe, RIPITUP & Strictly Come Dancing

Osteopathy"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.

You have always been professional, helpful and your knowledge and techniques are fantastic. After every session I notice a big difference in the way my back feels, plus the easy after care exercises you suggested really helped as well. Something I really found helpful was when I didn't understand something; you explained it in a way that could be easily understood without a load of jargon.

I will be honest, the cost factor worried me at the start but after the 1st and 2nd session, it"

Mr D.C.

Sports Massage"Louise kills me kindly and diverts me from pain. She was on time and very considerate. While attending physically to my body, she also showed an interest in me personally. I came to her with a specific complaint but she was happy to work on other areas of my body that were causing problems as well."

Ray, Ongar

Coaching/Mentoring"Louise has provided a wealth of wellbeing support to me since (company name) engaged her services. I have particularly benefited from meditation techniques (particularly through supported sessions) and massages to ease back and neck issues. In addition, having someone to speak to independently about whatever is going on, either from a work or personal perspective, is invaluable and Louise offers a considered, non-judgemental approach that invariably leaves you feeling better afterwards. Whilst many people are sometimes a little unsure of what wellbeing support means, I can say that it has only been a positive for me and I would highly recommend having a conversation with Louise to see how she can specifically support you."


Counselling"I would like to say a big thank you to Louise, her counselling came just in time when I was going through a lot of stuff in my life. I was not a believer in counselling (blame the male ego), over the past few months, I have been able to unpack a few things. For those who have inner turmoil, I would highly recommend Louise as a counsellor. One of the aspects of her services I appreciate the most is her forthrightness which forces you to address things you might otherwise overlook or have a bias towards"

AB London

Coaching/Mentoring"I worked with Louise from October 2020-December 2020. 3 months after, my life is unrecognisable. I feel completely aligned and nothing shakes me. I wake up every day welling with gratitude and love for my life. It sounds cheesy, but that’s genuinely how it feels.

I’ve been to therapy a few times before, but I didn’t realise how ineffectual these other therapists were until I met Louise. After our first session, she (rightly) called me out for putting up a front and leading the conversation. She was gentle yet direct, and this is something I hadn’t experienced before with any therapist. I hadn’t realised it, but previously, I had been maintaining a barrier and guiding the conversations as I saw fit, and thus we never got to the root issue. Louise’s multi-disciplinary approach allows her to really work with you and find the best way to connect. She’s incredibly intuitive and she can read between the lines to see the truth, and sometimes she might push a button you didn’t even know was there.

It’s not easy, and it doesn’t necessarily “feel good”. I wasn’t crying or anything, and yet I went through more deep emotions than I had been able to access previously. I was so pissed off with her at points, because I couldn’t manipulate her to my narrative. But I think this is what helped me grow the most.

If you’re a type A person that’s usually able to keep your guard up and guide therapists, I’d highly recommend working with Louise. She’ll break through that wall. It won’t feel great while it’s happening, but on the other side is a life experienced with so much more connection, gratitude, and authenticity. I cannot thank Louise enough for everything she’s done for me, and I will definitely keep working with her in the future if I need any mental “tune ups”."


Massage"I cannot praise Louise enough for her expert help in quickly undoing the knots that I had accumulated over many years.
She is sympathetic, kind and very genuine in her approach to listening to your problems and is then able to use her expertise to manipulate the offending muscles into reform. I look forward to my now regular visits and always leave the treatment room far more relaxed and happy than when I entered. Her approach to her treatments is as professional as it is relaxed and she has a very calming way about her. I would thoroughly recommend following wholeheartedly the knowledgeable advice she gives."

Carol, Brentwood

Challenge me to get out of my head and start to live as all of me
Give me confidence and help me to start to appreciate that I am good enough
Guide me in how I work on growing as a person; you did that by making me
rethink perspectives,
challenge my own judgement of me,
give me a virtual kick and knock some sense into me when I am clearly being too harsh on myself
Help me overcome and move through difficult circumstances and relationships
Have helped me recover from what I think was burn-out when I was in the NHS, when I first started seeing you in February 2019 and left the role in June 2019. It has been a long process and I am feeling 80% of the confidence and energy I had before I started in the NHS. I still think I have a way to go to fully recover (no, move on from) it.
Have been patient with me as you have tried to help me get out of my head and into my body
Help me get clarity
Are going to help me be able to live life so I am content, be happy and confident with who I am, recover my health and be me (I hope..)
So, thank you Louise"


Sports Massage"I've always loved magic but never really believed in it!

Until Louise, after only one session, took away the neck and shoulder pain I had suffered from for more than 2 years! I can now stand upright without having to support one or other arm to relieve the pain and that is no small matter.

At our first meeting, after just a few minutes chatting in her consulting room I knew I was in good care - not just good hands. Louise has a real interest in the well-being of her clients and is not simply interested in a 'quick fix'."

Fran B, Leigh On Sea

Hypnotherapy"I chose Louise as I felt comfortable with her and I very much liked (and needed) her positivity regarding the outcome of my treatment. She was always sympathetic and totally professional. Throughout all my sessions I was listened to and offered encouragement and ideas.
I felt the amount of sessions I had were the correct and necessary amount and there was no feeling whatsoever that I was being asked to carry on beyond a point when it was no longer necessary. With Louise's assistance I have achieved the outcome I wanted and now feel much happier, it was money well spent! I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise (and have already done so) and would not hesitate to return should the need arise."

Sharon, Hockley

Coaching/Mentoring"I am extremely satisfied and comfortable by the professionalism and approach used by Louise. My sessions with Louise helped me enormously and I would strongly recommend anyone truly wanting to change to schedule sessions with her. Louise listens and analyses carefully and is able to understand very well the psychological situation and the thought processes. She is very capable in providing insight and novel ways of thinking and viewing situations, which I have applied after each session. This was instrumental in helping me get better. Louise is also flexible about timing, and always offers extra follow-ups when needed. I am forever grateful to Louise."


Sports Massage"First Class Massage! Once you've discovered The Body Matters and experienced a superb massage with Louise you wonder how you ever coped before! You leave the haven of peace and tranquillity feeling liberated from aches and pains and with a sense that you're ready to go back into the world with extra energy and determination. Try it once and you'll be addicted forever!"

Chris (from London)

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