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Maria Smith

Maria is an energetic and intelligent fully qualified Counsellor and Wellbeing Practitioner who dedicates her work to the betterment of others.

Maria came to Reiki after developing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in 2002. Feeling discouraged by the medical community, and feeling no improvements to her health, she turned to complementary treatments to help ease her symptoms. 

After receiving Reiki treatments, she soon realised that she felt a greater sense of wellbeing. Because Maria has experienced such a positive shift in her wellbeing, and of an understanding of who she is, she decided to train and practice Reiki.

Using Reiki alongside Spiritual (energy) Healing has helped Maria on many different levels. Alongside a much-improved sense of wellbeing, it led her into a spiritual journey that is continually unfolding and developing.

Maria has trained in Reiki, Reflexology, Massage and Counselling. She has also trained in various healing methods, nutrition methods and psychological modalities to help totally understand herself. This in turn enables Maria to understand and help her clients in a much deeper way.

She loves to uplift others and help clients remember who they truly are. She believes that we all have the answers to our own health and wellbeing inside although at times we ‘forget’. Her aim is always to help her clients attain what they truly want from their lives.

Q&A with Maria Louise

What are your qualifications? 

  • Diploma in Reflexology
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Diploma in Facial treatments
  • Advance diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 
  • Accredited Spiritual Healer with the Healer Practitioners Association International
  • Cruise Bereavement Certificate in Bereavement counselling 

Further training within the fields of eating disorders and mental health, nursing and sound healing.

Why do people come to you?

Clients come to see me for a wide array of different reasons. We are all so uniquely different and our needs and wants from complementary therapies reflect this. 

In general the majority of people come to me seeking relief from physical and emotional complaints and want help changing specific unwanted conditions they are experiencing in their lives. Other people come to see me simply for time out, for pampering, for deep relaxation and enjoyment.

I offer therapies within a safe, supportive and comfortable space where individuals can enjoy a treatment that will support the body in its healing process and help it return to a state of balance, health and wellbeing.

What are the typical complaints that your therapies can help with?

What complaints can you help with that many people find surprising?

The main aim of Reflexology is to increase the bodies overall state of relaxation but perhaps a more surprising fact about Reflexology is that any pains in the body may be identified by the therapist and worked through the feet.  It may not be obvious that Reflexology can help with aching bones throughout the body.

As the feet are worked on the nerve and blood supply improves throughout the body, which is good for healthy bones. I have had many clients report that their back, shoulders, neck and leg pains are gone or greatly reduced after one or a series of Reflexology sessions. Reflexology also strengthens the bones of the feet for there are 26 bones on each foot and together this works out to be one-quarter of all the bones in the body.  Bones respond to pressure so by applying appropriate pressure to the bones and sides of the feet begin be feel easier and gain improved flexibility and movement.

Reiki also helps the body get into a deep state of relaxation and aids the body to release stress and trigger the body’s own natural healing abilities alongside dozens of other benefits. 

Some benefits, similar to reflexology are a bit more surprising. Reiki can help clients improve their self-confidence and esteem. Also, I have had clients who after a few sessions of Reiki have felt drawn to eating different foods that feel healthier to eat or decide to exclude foods and drinks that don’t feel so good ingesting any more. Clients are also drawn to quit substances that no longer feel good to take into their body due to their body no longer feeling they are working in the best way for them.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about Reflexology?

Modern reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy.  There is evidence of some form of hand-foot therapy being practised in China as long ago as 4000 BC. Around the same time in Egypt, one hieroglyph from an ancient Egyptian physician’s tomb was discovered depicting two reflexology treatments in session. One treatment is for the hands and one for the feet and the translated inscription reads, “Please don’t hurt me (said by the recipient) and the reply from the practitioner reads “I will act so you praise me”.

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