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Telephone & Online Counselling

The Body Matters Clinic, based in Southend-on-Sea in Essex, are now offering telephone and online counselling. We use remote consultations to provide talking therapies without physical interaction. Appointments will be held via telephone calls or video consultations so that we can help to support you during this challenging time.

Our telephone and online counselling services are a range of talking therapies that involves one of our trained therapists listening to you and helping you to find ways to deal with any emotional issues you may have. These type of counselling services mean that you are able to receive the support that you need from anywhere and are an ideal alternative to the many obstacles that people will face when seeking out talking therapy.

What can these types of counselling help with?

Telephone and online counselling can help you cope with a range of issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, bereavement, breakups and other relationship breakdowns, work-related stress and anxiety, low self-esteem and anger issues. They can also help you to cope with feelings of isolation or loneliness due to COVID-19 social distancing and self-isolation rules.

Talking therapies can help you gain a clearer understanding of your thoughts and feelings, helping you to find your own solutions to many issues.

What to expect from your telephone or online counselling session?

Your therapist will be using a telephone or online video call service, which offers a secure way to offer online counselling, talking therapies, support and advice without having to leave your home. 

During your counselling session, you may be encouraged to talk about your emotions and how you feel with a fully-trained therapist. We are there to listen and support you, without judgement. 

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We are open weekdays and Saturdays, with early morning and evening appointments available on request. We offer remote consultations to provide our services without physical interaction. We would love for you to continue using our services during this period.

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