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Health Coaching

Holistic health coaching takes a broad, overall approach to determining the root cause of your long-term health issues. Coaching is a supportive process of working together over a period of time to help you make lifestyle changes and educated decisions to optimise healing opportunities.

Whether your health complaints seem to relate to hormones or detoxification or digestion, for example, we’ll use functional lab tests to guide our work together and peel away the layers of imbalances to correct dysfunction.  

Working to alleviate your health complaints is hard work and you need to be fully committed to the process. Our goal is to rebuild your wellbeing so that you have the tools to live well and stay active. 
With the help of a dedicated, knowledgeable health coach, you can achieve this goal of vibrant health.

Stacy trained with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® which is based on the principles of functional medicine, taking into account the intricate interactions of your whole body. Please contact The Body Matters on 01702 714968 to book an appointment with Stacy.

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