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Arthritis & Joint Pain

We provide treatment for arthritis and joint pain in Southend-on-Sea, Essex at The Body Matters. Treatment for these is available from our clinic based in Leigh-on-Sea, in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We also offer telephone & online support and remote consultations.

What is arthritis?

  • Arthritis means joint inflammation (“Arthro”=joint & “itis”=inflammation).

To some of us, the word arthritis can often sound quite scary. It is often said innocently to describe a mild joint discomfort or could be used more threateningly to describe debilitating lower back pain, knee pain or hip pain and can even lead to thoughts of surgery and joint replacements.

What causes arthritis and joint pain?

Our joints are lined with a robust tissue called cartilage. As we age, like all tissues of the body, our cartilage ages with us. Our skin wrinkles, our hair turns grey and our cartilage dehydrates. The wear and tear on our cartilage as we age is the same as the wrinkles on our faces, we do not blame those wrinkles (wear and tear of the skin) for aches and pains yet we do blame cartilage wear and tear for our joint pains. Our bodies and certain joints may start to feel stiffer in the morning or getting out of our favourite chair may become more uncomfortable or even painful.

The medical evidence has demonstrated that joint wear and tear is no predictor of pain and as such we shouldn’t be blaming wear and tear on the pain we experience. It happens to everyone yet not everyone experiences joint pain. Like every pain experience, there will be multiple factors involved in your suffering so it is unhelpful to focus on just one thing like wear and tear.

Can weather affect arthritis pain?

While scientific evidence isn't definitive, some individuals with arthritis report increased pain or stiffness during weather changes, especially in cold or humid conditions. The impact of weather on joint pain varies among individuals. Atmospheric pressure shifts might affect joint tissues, potentially causing discomfort. Managing symptoms through medication, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments can help mitigate weather-related discomfort for those sensitive to these changes.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis manifests through joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, often accompanied by reduced range of motion. Persistent discomfort, tenderness, and warmth around joints are common. Activities like walking or gripping objects may become challenging. Morning stiffness lasting over an hour, joint deformities, and fatigue are also symptoms. In some types, like rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms can fluctuate, causing joint inflammation, fever, and weight loss. Arthritis may affect multiple joints or specific areas, and its intensity varies, impacting daily activities.

Can diet and exercise help with arthritis?

Yes, a balanced diet and regular exercise can alleviate arthritis symptoms. Certain foods, like those rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, possess anti-inflammatory properties that may ease joint pain. Low-impact exercises, such as swimming or yoga, improve joint flexibility and strengthen muscles around affected areas. Weight management reduces stress on joints.

Where can I find treatment for arthritis and joint pain?

Those who suffer from joint pain often feel trapped in a cycle of medications and lose out on otherwise enjoyable experiences or find they are unable to play with grandchildren. Identifying factors that are contributing to your pain and suffering is key in identifying non-pharmaceutical ways to improve both pain intensity and any decline in your quality of life. To get you returning to all the things you may be missing out on due to arthritis pain.

The therapists at The Body Matters are ready and passionate about helping you to get your life back. Browse the range of services on offer to help with arthritis and joint pain below or give us a call for more advice.

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