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Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

We provide treatment for back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain in Southend-on-Sea, Essex at The Body Matters. Treatment for these is available from our clinic based in Leigh-on-Sea, in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We also offer telephone & online support and remote consultations.

These regions of the body are probably the most common pain presentations we see in the clinic, therefore they have become quite a speciality for the therapists at The Body Matters.

What causes back, neck and shoulder pain?

Anyone can develop back, neck or shoulder pain. There is a broad range of medical reasons to experience pain in the back neck or shoulder as well as an even broader range of lifestyle factors that could be contributing to the overall suffering.

Most back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain will manifest as a result of straining a muscle or ligament caused by heavy lifting and overexertion, awkward movement and incorrect posture or a sports injury. However, these types of pain can also be caused by an underlying health condition such as arthritis, musculoskeletal irregularities or osteoporosis.

What treatment is available for back, neck and shoulder pain?

Evidence has identified active strategies that encourage self-confidence in moving, regular exercise and stress management as the most appropriate treatment for lower back pain. Also, developing appropriate and healthy attitudes about our backs through education is one of the most important aspects of treating and managing low back pain.

Osteopathy can help by restoring mobility to stiff joints and reducing muscle tension in order to return the patient to more natural movement, without pain. Thus, your Osteopath provides back pain relief for both patients with chronic back pain involving joint problems, such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction; and acute back pain from soft tissue injuries such as a muscle strain or a ligament sprain.

Cognitive Functional Therapy was developed as a person-centred behavioural approach for individualising the management of disabling lower back pain. The aim is to coach people with disabling back pain to effectively self-manage their condition.

Can physical therapy or massages help with these pains?

Both physical therapy and massage therapy offer substantial relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain. Physical therapy employs tailored exercises and techniques to enhance strength, flexibility, and posture, addressing underlying causes. Meanwhile, massages alleviate tension, improve circulation, and relax muscles, reducing pain and enhancing mobility. These treatments often complement each other, promoting healing and preventing future discomfort. Our guidance ensures personalised therapy, optimising outcomes. Integrating these modalities into a comprehensive pain management plan can significantly enhance one's quality of life and alleviate persistent discomfort in these areas.

How can I prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain?

To prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain, prioritise posture: sit and stand tall, aligning spine and shoulders. Regularly stretch these areas, especially if sedentary. Exercise strengthens core muscles, supporting the spine. Lift heavy objects using your legs, not your back, and avoid prolonged sitting or repetitive movements. Invest in ergonomic furniture and support devices. Take breaks during desk work, stretching and adjusting position. Manage stress, as tension exacerbates pain. Lastly, maintain a healthy weight to alleviate strain on these areas. Consistent mindfulness of these practices significantly reduces the likelihood of experiencing back, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

Is it better to use ice or heat for back, neck, and shoulder pain?

Selecting between ice or heat for back, neck, and shoulder pain hinges on the nature of the discomfort. Ice aids acute pain or swelling by reducing inflammation and numbing the area. Apply it for 15-20 minutes every few hours. Heat, like warm showers or heating pads, eases muscle stiffness and chronic pain by enhancing blood flow and relaxation. Utilise heat for 15-20 minutes intermittently. Alternating between ice and heat can suit some individuals, but consulting A professional at The Body Matters for personalised advice based on the specific condition remains paramount for effective pain management.

Is it safe to exercise if I have back, neck, or shoulder pain?

Exercising with back, neck, or shoulder pain can be safe and beneficial when approached cautiously. Gentle exercises, like walking, swimming, or yoga, often alleviate discomfort by strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing posture. However, it's crucial to consult with our therapists for tailored exercises that suit your condition, preventing further injury. Avoid high-impact activities or exercises that exacerbate pain. Gradually introduce exercises, listen to your body, and cease activities causing increased pain. Proper form and technique are vital. Exercise, when guided and customised, can often be a key component in relieving and preventing recurrent back, neck, and shoulder pain.

How long does back, neck or shoulder pain last?

Having a full assessment of your back, neck, or shoulders to rule out any concerning pathology is important to put one’s mind at rest and to get appropriate advice on what activities you should or shouldn’t be doing is imperative to avoid the risk of an episode of lower back pain becoming more prolonged than it needs to be.

Back Pain Southend

The priority for our therapists as with any such presentation is to identify a rational explanation for the sensitivity in order to offer an accurate diagnosis, if appropriate, and therefore accurate prognosis so you know what to expect for your recovery.

Where appropriate, should conservative management of the pain not be successful, we can refer you for imaging, but this would be a discussion for between you and your therapist.

If you are struggling with back or neck pain and want advice on how to better manage your pain and even learn how to improve things where other interventions haven’t helped, then get in touch with The Body Matters team to see if we can help.

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