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Do My Limitations Only Exist in My Mind?

For most of us, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. If you think it could be true for you, here are some great reflections and affirmations to take into 2019. They could help you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

I have unlimited potential. My future is also unlimited. The only limitations that exist in my life are the ones that exist in my mind. If I recognise those limitations as being my own creation I become the ultimate designer of my life.

Once I become aware that the imaginary stories I tell myself are not the truth, I will also recognise clearly that all my limitations are self-imposed. It is human nature to doubt myself, but my doubts are not my truth.

I can choose a new path for myself. I can choose to believe that I am powerful, capable, and confident. I am letting go of “I can’t..” and believing in “I can..”

When I feel limited, I take stock of my thoughts and remind myself that my thinking is just that. No more, no less. I do not need to linger on unhelpful thinking but can wait for it to pass.

I remind myself of the truth. My limitations are just a form of fear. My limitations are a way of protecting myself.

I can be free of the need to protect myself. I can let go of my fear. I am whole and capable and protection is unnecessary. My limitations only exist in my mind.

As I let go of my limitations, my life grows exponentially. I gain new insights, and new possibilities open up in my life. I am unstoppable when I am free of false beliefs.

Today, I am letting go of my limitations and trusting myself. The mere awareness that my limitations are born out of my thinking, allows me to feel powerful and confident. My limitations only exist within my mind.

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