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Meditation on a Motorbike

meditation on a motorbike

Yes, it really is absolutely possible.

I am a pillion on my husband’s motorbike. I realised many years ago, that when he rides his bike, he is totally at one with the bike. There really is no difference, between him and his bike. At the time I didn’t know anything about non-dualism.

Non-dualism is about we are all one, there is no separation between anything and anyone, and yet in the same instance, we are separate. An interesting concept and not one that is necessarily easy to get your mind around. But I truly got this sense of oneness between Phil and his motorbike. When I mentioned this, he totally understood what I was talking about. He could acknowledge that same feeling. Not something I would have expected him to understand at all.

In fact, I recently spoke to one of his mates who said he gets the same sense after he has been on his motorbike for a certain number of hours. These are normal guys, who understand this feeling of awareness and completeness whilst riding their bikes. They are in the ‘zone’ which is another way of describing being in the here and now. Like when you are so focussed, when there is no one else there but you.

I have spent many hours waiting for this to happen. Many hours waiting and watching for thoughts to ‘stop’. I have recently changed how I meditate so that I get small glimpses many times a day. I read the book Shift into Freedom by Loch Kelly. An amazing book and, fantastic teacher of Open-Hearted awareness.

I was practising the many glimpses yesterday on the bike as a pillion and whilst at an extremely popular Motorbike show. Traditionally meditation has been about finding a 10-minute slot in your day to turn off your phone, shut out the outside world to focus on meditation. This style enables you to meditate whilst you are walking around, at any time. It is about shifting your attention, changing your focus. Being awareness-based rather than thought based. Not shutting my thoughts down, or using thought to stop thinking but by shifting my attention, shifting my focus.

This style has helped me to understand how much of me is ego-driven. This led to me changing my ways. My aim is about open-heart awareness, to work with compassion.

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