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What Just Happened?

So here we are, mostly pretty busy with figuring out how to get our food delivery slots, when to best walk the dog, how to keep the kids entertained at home, and how to pay rent next month.

Ever so often we pause for our online exercise or meditation class and realise just how tense we are. Or at night we suddenly experience nightmares or we just can’t sleep.

I am finding myself coping pretty well, but I keep finding myself thinking back to Christmas time, I spend in Germany with my family like every year and wonder… If someone had told me then, that in 3 months time all non essential businesses (like my Pilates studio) would have to shut and the government would enforce a lock down of the whole country, that meant we are only allowed out of the house for essential tasks and we can not come closer to anyone than two meters, people walk around the streets with protective masks and gloves, conference centres are being turned into temporary hospitals and every Thursday at 8pm we all run to the window to cheer for our heros, the NHS front line and key workers. -Just how would I have felt if someone had told me that? I believe I would have been horrorfied like never before in my life and crawled under a rock and refused to come back out.

And yet, here we are, dealing with this utterly bizarre situation and perhaps sometimes already catching ourselves realise how quickly this is becoming every day life routine.  I find myself often wondering if I am in some kind of strange dream. It is almost too strange to be true. It happened so quickly and yet we could also see it coming, with other countries just being a few steps ahead of us. So we were somewhat prepared and not surprised, and yet I keep suddenly stopping and wondering, what just happened?! How did we get here?! And then again I am getting busy with scheduling my online classes, cleaning the house, going for a run, watching some tv, making dinner, and allow myself to just go through my new motions and routines.

What I am finding is that both exists equally for me. We are getting on with things as we normally would, and yet there is also nothing normal about it and our body feels it too.

There is a lot of information and advice out there, on many levels, from how to follow the rules and save lives, to how to support our mental health as we are facing our fears and worries. It is great that we have that much support through the internet available to us. And I am also feeling the need to just create space right now, space to allow our body and mind to shift and unfold and to process without being bombarded with content, space for us to just breath and see what happens.

Here are only a few facts and thoughts I would like to put to you and I would like to just give you the time and space to allow them to be received and processed by your mind and body.

  • You are doing really well.
  • How ever you feel is normal and okay.
  • The world was not a perfect place before Covid 19.
  • Disruption and violent change comes with an opportunity of a change in perspective and new insight.
  • No matter how long this emergency situation lasts, we will not go back to how things were before. We are moving towards a very new world and future.
  • You are not alone.
  • What makes you feel most save and capable?

What happens for you when you read these statements I wonder?

Can you be with them for a moment and allow them to be received and processed?

Since moving my classes and private 1-1 sessions online via zoom and facebook it has been my priority to support my clients not just to continue with their physical exercise and help them remain comfortable in their body but also to enable them to create space, slow down, be with their body and their mind and allow the thoughts, anxiety and tension to travel through, process and disburse. We are all busy with the new challenges that come with this new situation. And yet it is more important than ever that we slow down and give our nervous system time and space to catch up.

If you would like to reach out to me about private sessions or my classes please contact The Body Matters on  01702 714968.

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