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Helping with Persistent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a significant concern to those that suffer with it, but we know far more about the management of pain now than even as little as 5 or 10 years ago.

It is not uncommon for some individuals to have suffered for a long, long time and never found the right help for them. They may become reliant upon pharmaceutical pain relief or maybe just accepted that they have to put up with it. They may even have gotten as far as surgery but unfortunately this has not given the relief they crave. But I assure you that if this is you, there are opportunities to manage this better and possibly even resolve your pain completely.

The problem with persistent pain and what makes it so hard to treat is the belief that all pain is damage. I promise you pain research confirms that it is not and that the biggest predictor of whether we get better after injury or continue to suffer is how we manage pain on an individual basis. This has so much to do with our own beliefs around what pain is. What message is it giving us? And if we believe it is damage then we are more likely to manage it inappropriately and the risk of persisting pain increases.

I often find that if I can reconceptualize a persons pain they not only suffer less, but can also work proactively to resolution. This can happen with as much or as little support from me in clinic as you require. I have seen it work both with very fast resolution that has changed my patients lives within a few weeks, and a more slow burn, where it takes a bit longer to build the confidence and mobility back and trust their back again over a few months.

There will be something or someone out there who can help you improve your quality of life and I am more than happy to meet you and listen to your story. Having heard your story I can then offer the help and support you need to get healthy again.

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