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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is big news at the moment. Every day there are more articles waxing lyrical about the benefits, particularly with relation to brain health. In my circle of friends, we trade ideas of new ways to use coconut oil and those of us who are devotees are slowly converting the naysayers around us. Other friends who overhear us, who couldn’t care less about the food trends and healthy eating tips we swap, have been dragged into the conversations and eventually they give in and ask why we love coconut oil. At some point they all say, “how do you use it again?”

Get people talking about why they love coconut oil and you will hear the same things over and over: It’s a lifesaver. It can be used for absolutely everything. Everything!

If you take a look online, you will find lists of suggested uses. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Oil pulling – I’m a huge fan! My teeth are definitely whiter since I started pulling.
  • Skin moisturiser – I add a drop of grapefruit essential oil to mine because the scent makes me think of sunny days.
  • Cooking ingredient – I love a spoonful added to my porridge with blueberries, nuts and cinnamon.
  • Eye makeup remover – Hands down the best way to get eye makeup off fast!

I suppose to the uninitiated, even this short list sounds a bit loopy. Or if you hate the smell of coconut this might not be for you. Fortunately, that’s not an issue for me and I can and do use coconut oil for everything. In fact, I use it so much I have a debate with myself each time I travel.  How much coconut oil can I travel with? Will the airline security think I’ve got something suspicious in my luggage?  On a few recent trips I’ve convinced myself not to bother packing coconut oil, but then on day 2 of the trip, I’ve gone out and bought a jar because it has so many uses.

Needless to say, I’m devoted to the many, varied uses of coconut oil and I’m always happy to swap suggestions or extol the virtues of this wonder oil. Let me know if you have some fabulous uses for coconut oil. Maybe there are still a few that my pals and I haven’t yet tried.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love coconut cream powder too! I have only used Nature Forest brand. I wish I could find a powder that would dissolve in cold water. My favorite dinner recipe with coconut powder comes from, hiker friend Drop n” Roll: Rice noodles, curry powder, coconut power and dehdrated chicken. Super yummy and filling.