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The Body Matters offer Relief from Back Pain

Myofascial trigger points are tender, contracted areas of muscle tissue that refer pain away from the local area which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis of where the real problem lies.  Trigger points can be initiated by a variety of factors, such as strenuous exercise, repetitive motion, sleeping in an odd position or increased bodily tension due to postural issues.

When I first met John (Assumed name) he had a 10-year history of back pain that had been diagnosed as a disc bulge (“slipped disc”) by MRI.

Johns pain and sciatica had always been attributed to the disc, however, I found he had multiple areas of sensitivity around the muscles of the low back and hip, many of which reproduced the symptoms down the legs.  Knowing that Myofascial trigger points refer pain I treated John in both the lower back and hip muscles.

Over four treatments the sensitivity of those tender areas and his symptoms reduced.

Very soon he was able to stand without the pain in the leg, had begun to run again and was able to spend more time in a normal seated position.

Targeting these muscles has shown to be a successful way to treat Johns symptoms and an approach that had never been tried before despite having many treatments in the past.

Many conditions can be helped by targeting tender spots in the muscle which I consistently find reduce the symptoms and pain my clients experience with amazing success.

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