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Wabi Sabi


A wide range of Japanese words are used in everyday conversations, including karaoke, origami, ninja, tsunami, manga, sushi, tofu, karate and sumo. However, a phrase that is much less known is ‘Wabi Sabi’.

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Sleep Problems & Back Pain

sleep back pain

Medical research has identified that sleep patterns influence our emotional well-being and mood which can further sensitise back pain and reduce the ability to not only tolerate pain but also affects motivation and energy levels required to rehabilitate back pain.

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The Thing About Pain

We all know about pain. And we all can possibly agree that there are many different kinds of pain. We all experience all sorts of different kinds of pain throughout our life. Some we can put up with, some we can’t. Some feel very threatening, some we can ignore. Some go away on their own, some do not. Much

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