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Why You Should Not Pull Your Navel In

“Pull your navel towards your spine”…..”Suck your tummy in.”…. “Pull your abs tight.”
You may have heard one of these commands or something similar during a fitness or Pilates class or during a PT session. It is perhaps one of the most popular cues a fitness teacher has in their tool bag in order to help you keep your back

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How Satisfied Are You With Your Life Nowadays?

The above question was one asked by the Office of National Statistics in their report ‘Personal and economic wellbeing: what matters most to life satisfaction’. The report, which was published this month involved the asking of four questions to members of the public and them ranking their answers on a 0-10 scale.
The questions asked were:

Overall, how happy

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Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture

As a facet of traditional Chinese medicine, most of us have heard of acupuncture and understand it as the application of needles through the skin.

On the other hand dry needling as a term is less recognised so the general public, so is it necessary to understand the difference if you are thinking of trying

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Introducing BWRT

BWRT or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy has certainly been making waves in the world of therapy – transforming the work of therapists and improving the lives of many thousands of clients across the world. Yet not all of those wanting help with mind-related matters are aware that for many therapists, BWRT is now their therapy of choice.
BWRT is a totally

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Tackling Fears & Phobias

Now that spring is officially here, I wonder what you are most looking forward to this summer. To most people, It feels so good to have the longer, lighter days and warmer weather but for others, summer seems like a dangerous time to be alive.

For those who suffer from fears and phobias, the world

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What is Plantar Fasciopathy?

You may not have heard of the plantar fascia, yet if you experience pain there, you will definitely never forget it.

Plantar fasciopathy, previously known as plantar fasciitis ( ‘itis’ means inflammation, and research has demonstrated that the pain in the plantar fascia is not driven by inflammation as previously thought), is pain in

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